Monday, February 28, 2011

February Recap

I feel like I've been going, going, going all month... which is mostly true.  February has been a fairly productive month for me, here's a little peak.
I LIVE out of these two bags.  Literally.  I didn't spend a single weekend at home all month.  :)

T's neighbor got a new puppy, she is just way too cute for her own good.  Here T and Lola are sizing each other up... He's a softy, so no doubt she won this staring contest.

How could you resist this face? I had some much fun taking pictures of her, you'd think she were my puppy.... speaking of which... I want a puppy.... lol

This one is mine.... getting learned up on what the daily new is.  Shortly after this picture she shredded this paper... T thought it was funny until I made him pick up after her.  I told him she'd do it!

My new "nephew", Paxton.  He was a month old on Feb. 24th.  I seriously can't get enough of this little guy.
I mean really, how can I not 100% love this little man?

I seriously adore this man.  T and I went "camping" in Paso Robles for President's Day weekend.  The weather was terrible, but the wine was good.
This is why I call it "camping."  I grew up doing the tent thing... and don't miss it a bit.
While camping I did my first brick even though the weather wasn't great.  Gotta love a trainer!
I can hardly believe it already March!  I'm ready for another month of adventures! :)


Bari said...

I'm not sure who is cuter - you, the bebe or the puppy!

Ashley said...

Thanks! But the babies, both dog and human, take the cake. :)