Tuesday, February 22, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday

I’m not feeling totally amazing today..  Aunt Flo (sorry TMI) has come to visit so I’m dealing with all that related stuff on top of feeling a little sicky and have got a headache.  If I didn’t have a quiz in my night class I’d be going home early and feeling sorry for myself.  Instead I’m studying and finding triathlons.  And writing my confessions…
  • I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I drank a whole bottle of wine myself this weekend.  I’m not much of a drinker so this is surprising, but we were in wine country and tasting, and… it’s just what happened.  I don’t feel any guilt over it, as I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process.
  • Today is the first day I’m tracking my eating, something I’m committing to for the next 4 weeks minimum.  I also have added a protein smoothie as my breakfasts since I’m fairly certain I’m not getting enough protein for the amount of activity I’m doing.  I had forgotten how delicious they are.
  • Counting this upcoming weekend, I have gone out of town for 6 weekends straight.  While my living situation isn’t what I wish it were, I am really looking forward to next weekend being spent at home.  And maybe some personal time… a majority of my alone time in the past 6 weeks has been my driving time.  It wears on me.  On a very positive note, while going out of town every weekend I have managed to make every planned weekend workout with the exception of only one.   I do believe I’m dedicated. 
  • My brick this past weekend freaked me out and motivated me at the same time.  It was SO FREAKING HARD to find a running rhythm coming off the bike, that I seriously couldn’t imagine running a half-marathon after riding 56 miles on the bike when I finished my short 2 mile brick run.  After showering and eating I was able to remind myself that I have 5 months to fully prepare for this race, and I can gain a lot in terms of fitness, but also experience, in those 5 months if I use them wisely.  My brick also reminded me of the importance of proper hydration and fueling before and during my workouts.  Having only a banana before riding for 1:20 and then running another 20min was simply a bad idea.  I’ve always been bad at keeping up with my hydration and eating, so it’s something I need to start working on ASAP.
  • I have chosen 2 sprint tri’s (one in both April and May) and an Olympic in June to help me prepare for my half.  I’m excited about these races, as I think they will do more for building my confidence than anything else.  These will be great experience builders.
Hope everyone has a great week.:)

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