Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost Spring Break!

Well, it's only about 2.5 days until the beginning of SPRING BREAK! I'm a little excited.  ;)  T and I will be heading to Pismo Beach to stay in the trailer for the week.  Sadly at the moment the weather isn't quite what I would hope for on spring break, but ultimately I'm just excited to not have school and get to relax with T for some quality time. Long distance is tough sometimes.  

I honestly have very little to confess this week, I stopped journaling foods, which has made a huge difference in my attitude toward.... EVERYTHING.

So what did I do this weekend? Well my best friend's parents throw a "Benny's Ball Feed" every year... yes this follows the mass castration of bulls into steers, and half the food offered had... balls in it.  I did not partake in any said ball eating, but the people watching was priceless and the non-ball food was good.  I even had some German Chocolate Cake (it was DELICIOUS) and felt no guilt.  I'm calling this weekend a re-feed if you will.  That was most of my Saturday, and it was wonderful.  My best friend and I don't get to spend nearly as much time together as would be optimal, so it was so so so nice to see her.  :)  Sunday the same friend's family opened a restaurant (it was a busy weekend) and I helped out in whatever way I could.  Did some serving, did some busing.  It was fun, things were a little crazy as they still need to work out the kinks, but generally the family is excited about the new business and have high hopes.  :)

On another note, the time change has me all screwed up still, keeping me up late when I need to get up early, so my planned swim Monday morning just didn't happen.  Its the way it goes, and I'm not stressing about it.

So now that we are officially into this week, I'm feeling pretty good.  How's everyone's week shaping up?


Brooke said...

eew, eew, and triple eew! sounds like a fun, if disgusting, weekend.

Ashley said...

bwahahaha, yep, it was... weird. Apparently the guys "shuck" them earlier in the day, and no women are allowed because it makes the guys uncomfortable. haha