Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dare Devil Divas Check In - Week 2

Lets cut straight to the chase...
Last weeks goals:
  • Continue keeping up with my planned workouts. 
    • Wed: AM Swim/PM Trainer Ride Check! Check!
    • Thurs: AM Interval Run 4-5 miles 5 min work/2 min recovery Check!
    • Fri: AM Swim/PM Bike Ride, if the weather cooperates this will be outside and glorious.  :) Check and Check!!! And it was GLORIOUS! ;)
    • Sat: AM Run Probably 6-7 miles 6 Miles, Check
    • Sun: Off Check! ;)
    • Monday: AM Swim/ PM Trainer or Outside bike ride (weather dependent) No swim, but rode the trainer. :)
    • Tues: AM Interval Run, repeat of Thursday's workout. Check
    • This actually give means I had about a 89% completion rate on my workouts for the week, which I'm considering pretty darn good!
  • Fruit/Veggie goal of 4-6.  My biggest thing is getting in a couple servings of veggies at dinner, I usually am pretty good on the fruit I know I didn't get these in over the weekend, or Monday and Tuesday.  Things have been crazy and I've been eating dinner "on the run" which means usually granola w/milk for dinner because its quick and easy (and delicious).
  • 100 push-up challenge on Mon/Wed/Fri with ab workout included. I got in all my push-ups, but only 1 ab workout.  I need to commit to doing something different about this.  I'm thinking the ab workout from my NTC app which leaves it as a no-brainer.
I also gained this week, not much and its approaching that girly time for me, so I'm not giving it much though.  Also, considering I ate copious amounts of garlic bread, German chocolate cake, and potato salad over the weekend I'm thinking my measly little gain is really a win.  I am unconcerned.  :)

 This next week poses all kinds of interesting possibilities... because I'm on SPRING BREAK as of tomorrow (Thursday) evening!  T and I are going to Pismo Beach with the trailer which I'm excited about, but here the possibilities... 1.  I will have lots of time to get workouts in, as many as I want in fact. 2. I won't want to feel like I'm spending all my time on workouts because I will want to spend a lot of time with T (what can I say, I somehow like the guy ;)) and 3. There will be copious amounts of all the yummy but not totally healthy foods available 24/7 for 10 days.  So whats my plan of attack?
Workout Schedule (already written in my calender)
  • Wed (today): AM Swim 2000 1800yds (Was.Not.Feeling.It.)/PM Bike ride 1 hr
  •  Thurs: AM Swim 2700yds/AM Run 3mi recovery
  • Fri: AM Run 4+ mi at 8:50 pace; P/U W3D1 & NTC ab workout 
  • Sat: AM Swim 11x200 on 4:20; Bike 1 hr optional (depends on how I'm feeling)
  • Sun: AM Run 10mi; P/U W3D2 & NTC ab workout
  • Mon: AM Swim 2000yds Run 3mi (optional)
  • Tues: Bike 1:15+; P/U W3D3 & NTC ab workout
I have the rest of my spring break workouts planned already too, but I'll leave that for next week ;)

As for handling all the food available, I'm thinking of keeping a food log that doesn't include calorie counting, just to keep track of the snacking, which I tend to mindlessly do.  I'm also bringing with me my protein powder so I can continue to do smoothies in the morning, and granola for another alternative for snacks.  Otherwise I've got a pretty packed workout schedule which I'm hoping will balance things out.  I also need to focus on my water intake as I enjoy the salty foods without the bloat. ;) 

Oh... AND I just registered for a 1/2 marathon on May 1st with Kirsten and Beki! I'm excited to meet these girls and the Reno Rock-n-River 1/2!  This is shaping up to be a really full racing season for me! :)

So what's everyone's plan for the week? 


Brooke said...

totally jealous of the half with beki and kirsten :) how fun!!

as for your goals - great job!! and this goal setting, non-calorie counting attitude looks good on you.

Kirsten said...

Looks like you did pretty good with your goals. Remember, if you attain them all easily, then they weren't hard enough. :) Enjoy your spring break with T! And I'm so excited that you are really coming to Reno for the half!!

Emily said...

Great job on getting your goals I bet you see the scale move ones that TOM is over!

plainolegrandmaislosingit said...

Good job on planning ahead for Pismo Beach. You have a plan and a goal what more could a girl ask for! Have fun!

Bari said...

Woot on your goals! So jealous you are getting to run a 1/2 Mary with Kirsten & Beki!!!

Tami @ said...

Congrats on the ll the checks! You'll see a loss next week, I'm sure!

*Lissa* said...

You are a machine! jealous of the three of you meeting up!