Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moments of Bliss

My spring break isn't quite what you might imagine spring break being.  It is not sunny.  Its is not warm.

Today we are expecting up to 2" of rain and its in the mid-50's.  Even though (wishfully) I brought my bikini, I'm pretty sure it won't be seeing the sun this time around.

But that is totally OK.

Last night, and again this morning I was privy to those... moments.  Moments where I wish I had the photography skills of a professional so that I could capture the moment.  Because even then it wouldn't do it justice, but I might at least begin to capture the feeling.

A girl and her dog out on a deserted beach, its raining and the wind has churned up some moody surf.  But the girl laughing and the dog is running with joy across the beach, around, and back again.  There is no particular reason that this moment should be special, except that it is... perfect.

I don't have kids, but I have my dog.  I've had her through 2 break-ups, some of the worst depression of my life, and moments like this.  And moments like this remind me why I'm thankful for her.  Being a college student I have no business having a dog, but I couldn't leave her at the pound when I went with a friend looking for a cat, nearly 5 years ago.

Sometimes she is my running partner, but only if she can be off leash, otherwise she is too slow. :)

Most of all, she teaches me to enjoy the moments.  And often, the best thing you can do is take life moment by moment.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, regardless of your weather. :)

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