Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring in 2 Action!

Spring In2 Action
Its time for a new challenge over with the folks of Shrinking Jeans! This time around there is both a scale driven and fitness driven component to the challenge, and we are partnered up!  I'm lucky enough to have my partner be Brooke who has been on vacation (in Maui!!!) and is ready to come back and kill this challenge.  We are the Dare Devil Divas, or Triple-D's for short (teehee).

I am sad to say that I am incredibly WEAK! We are doing the 100 Push-Up Challenge, but as of right now I am in complete failure at 6 push-ups.  Ask me to leg press something, I'm your girl, but apparently don't ask me to push my own body weight off the floor... Fail.  Sad.  But it also means I have a lot of room for improvement (silver lining, right?) when I stick to the 3x a week plan for push-ups.

Goals, goals, goals:
  • Stick to the 100 push-up challenge schedule.  I also want to do an ab workout every time I have a push-up workout, both are severely lacking in strength.
  • Stick to my tri workout schedule.  I have a rough monthly schedule written in my day planner, and at the beginning of every week I mentally plan out my workouts.  I need to do some double checking with tri plans I have, but I am pretty sure for now I'm right on track with the run and bike, and probably a little behind on the swim.  
  • Make it to the pool a MINIMUM of 2x a week! Which means I've got to hit the pool tomorrow (damn!) along with a run.
  • Journal my eats 4-5x a week.  And not stuff my face just because I'm taking a non-journaling day. Its about balance and moderation.  With the amount of activity I'm doing I'll really have to go crazy on those 2-3 days a week I'm not journaling to get myself into trouble.  The idea is to avoid that. :)
  • Scale needs to drop 3-5lbs.  I'd really like to look like the athlete I'm starting to feel like.  That doesn't mean stick thin, but it does mean lean.  I weighed earlier this week - 139.4, and I'd love to break into the low 130s.  Again, its all about balance, I'd like to lose a few pounds without risking under-nourishing my body for the workouts I'm doing.
I'm ready to have some fun with this challenge! Week 1 is on!


Bari said...

Those sound like great goals! I'm in awe of your tri-ness :)

And 6 pushups is not a "fail". IJS.

PS-Having met Brooke makes your team name is freaking hilarious :)

Ashley said...

Lol, I don't even life up to the shortened version of our name. ;) But I think its funny.

I have been known to be a dare devil a time or two though....

Brooke said...

I wonder if Bari is suggesting that I'm a wimp, a tomboy, or just commenting on the fact that i'm the president of the itty bitty titty committee?

i'm home now and if i can get my head above water at work i promise to make a list of goals to strive for. i'm not sure if you have my email but its stingysingleton (at) gmail (dot) com

kewkew said...

You have some great goals. I don't think your 6 pushups are a fail. I can't even do one. My arms have always been weak though.

Tami @ said...

Brooke is full of encouragement! Best wishes in the challenge!

Ashley said...

Thanks ladies for the comments. :) I'm still super stoked for this challenge