Tuesday, March 1, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday

Honestly Monday kinda came and went without my even noticing it!  And how is it already March!??  Clearly my powers of awareness aren't what they should be. 

I went to visit family in Fresno this past weekend, which wasn't good for my diet or workout routine.  On Friday I told my cousin Bri that I had kind of a sweet tooth and she decided that meant she needed to whip up a cake!  I love sweets, and while I didn't eat my face off I did eat more than I probably should have needed to.  And she had ice cream from a local dairy.  And I didn't journal any of it... not a single bite.  I'm back to journaling today (since I only journaled about half of yesterday) and trying to ignore the nagging desire to go buy candy... or another cake.  Damn you sugar!  I also opted to skip my 8 mile run I had mentally planned for Sunday.  I'm gonna use the excuse that I was being helpful in holding my month old nephew so that my cousin could clean house, shower, make breakfast for her hubby (its the simple things that apparently go to the wayside when you have a baby), but really that's all it is, an excuse.  I made the conscience decision to skip it.  And now its on the schedule for this Sunday. 

I also left Fresno late Sunday night, and therefore got home late, got to sleep late, so I didn't get up early (4:45 was simply NOT happening) and go swimming.  I've been doing pretty good at fitting in both the running and cycling, but not the running, and this really needs to be remedied.  Now.  I'm planning on hitting the pool both Wednesday and Thursday mornings, so at least I'll get 2 swims in this week, even if they are back to back.

Monday I had my first exam in my Cardiovascular Testing and Exercise Prescription class.  I think I did ok, but I only studied for a total of maybe 2 hours for it.  Not real beneficial in my plan on getting straight A's this semester.  I need to make a study plan just like I make a workout plan, I'm more likely to follow something I already have written out.  I'll work on that tonight.

Whew, its good to get that off my chest.  Now if next week I don't have the same confessions I will be moving in the right direction! :) 


Kirsten said...

I hate sugar. I shared a box of Thin Mints with T the weekend before last. (Yes, I said a box). And for the following 3 days I just wanted more junk. Luckily there was none in the house and I was too busy to stop and buy any. Good luck on re-breaking the craving.

Ashley said...

I wouldn't want to even share a box of Thin Mints, which is the reason I don't by GSC. Evil...

Luckily if I can just keep myself out of convenient stores I should be good to go! :)