Monday, May 2, 2011

May my Way...

May Your Way Challenge

Edit: Link to my excel training schedule is included below, should you care or want to see how crazy I am, or want to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. ;) My blog has gone long enough without any love.  I have been super busy with school (down to the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!!) and so when something had to give, the blog time was at the top of the list.  Its not because I don't enjoy it, I just don't feel like its quite as important as writing a 19 page report that a majority of my class grade is dependent on (I know, weird).  :)  So here we go...

The girls and guys over at SJ have started a new challenge for the month of May.  At the end of the last challenge I had planned on taking a break from doing them because sometimes I just feel like its extra pressure that I could maybe do without.  Truth be told this challenge is pretty great in the fact that we (individually) get to make our own goals and will check in each week with these goals.  I'm really getting into the heart of my triathlon training, and my biggest goal for this month is consistency.  How can I trust the training if I'm not doing it enough to gain the benefits?  So here are my goals and I'll explain more below.
  1. I'd like to see a downward trend on the scale.
  2. Complete 85-90% of planned workouts
  3. Continue with my new eating habits.
So explanations:
#1 - I have no weight loss goals other than I'd like to see the scale move downward as I get closer to my big(gest) race day (half-IM on July 17th), so this month that might mean I lose 2-3 lbs.  Since my workouts are getting longer and/or more intense I doubt that I'll have to actively work at this other than just not stuffing my face with foods that aren't the best choices (fast food mainly).  But honestly I don't want to blog about losing weight.  The ups and downs of the scale  is hardly the most exciting or important thing that is happening in my life right now so I'd just rather not talk about it other than in my recap at the end of the month. M'kay? :)
#2 - Excel training calender In the next few days I'll be making an excel spreadsheet that will list all of my planned workouts.  At the end of each week I'll highlight in yellow (or another happy color) the workouts I completed and in red the ones I didn't.  Each week I'll also calculate my completion rate for the week and my aim is for 85-90%.  I'm giving myself a little bit of wiggle room because reality is life happens and sometimes workouts get missed.  I want to give myself the opportunity to not beat myself up over this fact.  Since I am entering the bulk of my tri training I'm going to be following a 3 swim/3 run/3 bike format where I might add in an extra bike or run some weeks (I know I will never want to swim a 4th day, so why even mention it? ha!).  Generally this means M/W/F I swim, M/W/Sa I'll cycle and T/Th/Su I'll run.  Details to come in the excel spreadsheet that if you are interested in, I will post to Google docs and update from time to time.
#3 - For the past 3-4 weeks I have been eating vegetarian while at home and on my own but then allowing meat when I am out of town (read: every weekend).  There are several reasons for this, but its mostly because this is the way I grew up and I find myself eating way more fruits and veggies with this mentality than without.  I am being careful about getting in plenty of protein (in fact I start basically every day with a protein smoothie, bam 27g protein!) and still eat dairy and eggs during the week too.  Basically I just feel better eating this way, but I am not yet ready to completely give up meat, nor am I prepared to impose my dietary choices on other people in my life.

So there you have it.  I'd like to briefly mention that I RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON YESTERDAY!!  And while I need to write up a race report I just don't really feel like doing it today.  I'll say this about my race though -
I finished in in 2:04.45 which is a 9:30/mile pace (awesome)
and I did that at 4000 ft of elevation above where I live and train, which is even better.
Over race weekend I got to meet the lovely Kirsten and Beki which was awesome and so nice to have a girls weekend.


Brooke said...

i love your approach to this. :) really.

Bari said...

Excellent goals and an excellent weekend. Bonus!

Kirsten said...

I hear you on the life is crazy, how would I fit anything else in. But you've got all those bricks to do, so get busy, have fun and enjoy the miles!!