Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Your Way Check-in!

 Another week down, and not just for the newest challenge over at, but also in my HIM training...  and it feels like its getting soooo close (9.5 weeks to go!)

So how am I doing?  Good, ok, great.. depends on what we are specifically asking about.  So here it goes:
  1. Downward trend on scale: I'm down for the week.  Next!
  2. Here is a link to my Training Schedule.  If a workout is in green, I got the job done, if its in red, I missed it.  If my week is from Wednesday-Tuesday I had an 89% completion rate for last week! Woot!  I made some changes, but as long as I felt like it was a good effort at the workout planned I gave myself credit.  I've been having sciatica pain/weakness which presently has me secretly (ok, not so secretly anymore) worried that its going to keep from training.  Last night I did some good stretching and sat on a tennis ball, and laid on the foam roller on my lower back and today things are feeling a bit better.  Its still there, but at least this morning I've been walking without much pain which is a nice improvement over yesterday.  A nice NSV was a Daily Mile friend who has done the same half-ironman I'm doing this year commented on one of my workouts that I'm "packing in the miles" which is a good sign considering he at least has an idea of what the training should look like and seems to think I'm on track.  Its a nice feeling when I feel like I'm terribly behind (which is probably not the case, but I like to worry).  Best thing I've done for my tri training in the past 3 weeks? I bought a swim workouts for triathletes book that is pushing me in the pool far more than I'd push myself, and I know it will pay off come race day. :)
  3. My diet could be better, could be worse.  I feel like I'm making good choices more days than not, and more meals than not.  Probably the best part about not eating meat during the week is that its pretty tough to eat out if you are avoiding meat, so last night when I really wanted to hit a drive-thru after 13 hours on campus I drove home and quickly made a boca burger.  It was delish and WAY healthier than anything I could have picked up on the way home.
So overall I'm doing pretty good.  I'm in my last week of the semester with only 2 finals next week on Tuesday! (YAHOOOOOO!)  Since some of you may know I'm always on the road, after finals I'm actually going to stay home until Saturday before I head out to see family for a few days and then some RV camping for Memorial Day weekend.  I'm hoping in that time I can get in some good training and then take a down week while I'm doing the most traveling.  This will not be an off week, this will not be an off week, this will not be an off week... but instead give my body a chance to rest up before the last few pushes to Vineman!  I've also got an olympic tri planned June 5th, which will hopefully show me just how much all this training is paying off.

Hope everyone is having a stellar week!


Brooke said...

your spreadsheet is so much more sophisticated than mine! *jealous*

woot! on the scale behaving! and woot! on the boca burger. i'm not even a veggisaurus and i like them. (i'm just a lazisaurus and enjoy anything that tastes yum after only 2 min in the microwave)

Bari said...

That is one stellar workout schedule! I am in awe.