Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the countdown begins...

If I were writing this 2 days ago I could say 6 weeks to Vineman, and 4 to taper!  So its almost close enough to count.  :)

I plan to update for the next 6 weeks every Sunday, how my week went, and what I have on tap for the upcoming week.  Of course sometimes things happen, and the post will come Monday, or maybe even Tuesday (like this week), but I am determined to keep an account of these final weeks leading up to Vineman.  Because I'm excited.  Because I'm worried.  Because I'm nervous.  Because I want to remember later.  

So recap of last week... I drove 800+ miles Thrusday-Monday to spend some time with my parents, go to Beki's Law School graduation (!!!!! Congrats again girl!) and get some things from my place in Folsom because I'm moving down to Troy's for the summer (still working out the details, but I'm going to try my hardest to make it work).  I biked once,  ran twice, and went for a 5 mile hike with my parents.  Not my best showing, but it was a conscience choice to give my body, which has been hurting, some time off and I've come (mostly) to terms with that.   

Moving down to oil country means adjusting to a new locale for training.  I found the city aquatics complex that I was hoping existed, and lucky for me its cheap ($3 a swim), and there is also a Wheelmen group that has bike rides mapped and listed on their website, so I'm off to a good start.  The problem with the actual town Troy lives in is that it is small and overrun with oil field traffic (lots and lots of big rigs and trucks) on the roads that have little or no bike lane or shoulder.  This means I've got to go into Bakersfield for both swimming and cycling, a 30-40 min drive.  So workouts will take some planning.  It also means that swimming and cycling will always be double days to limit the number of times I make the trip into town, and my brick days means doing a 3-a-day workout day (first one is tomorrow) which is again totally doable, it will just require good and well-thought planning on food. hydration, and sleep.

Training plan for Week of 6/6:
Monday: Swim (Endurance 5)/Cycle (Descending Intervals)
Tuesday: Run (3-4 mi)/Core work
Wednesday: Swim (Muscular Endurance 2)/Cycle (~30 mi)/Run (2-3 mi)
Thursday: Run (3-4 mi) or Off/Core Work
Friday: Swim (Anaerobic Endurance 1)/Cycle (~45 mi)
Saturday: Run (7-8 mi)
Sunday: Off!

I'm off to a good start for the week, with all of my workouts done for Monday and Tuesday but the core workout which I'm planning to do this afternoon.  :)  Who wants to be my butt chewer if I start missing workouts??

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!


Brooke said...

i can try...although i don't know how mean i could possibly be.

Bari said...

You so have Vineman! I'm proud of you girlie :)