Saturday, June 11, 2011

Final 2...

About to leave the house for my final 2 workouts of the week, and I can hardly wait to be done.  Not the best mindset going into a swim and long bike ride, but I'm feeling this week's training mentally more than physically which I think is harder to push through.

I have a book with a 52 week training program to a half-iron distance race... and was giving thought to following it in the coming year (loosely) and doing this same event next year.  Is that crazy?  The program includes rest after the event and fall/winter with reduced training and increased focus on strength training, etc.  Basically what I've already been thinking I'd be doing.

Anyways, why I'm giving so much thought to plans after Vineman instead of focusing on this huge upcoming race I'm not sure.. but I'm pretty preoccupied in my head recently with all of it.  And I *might* feel more than a tiny bit crazy about it. Ha!

Happy Saturday!  See y'all on the flip side.  :)


Beki said...

Hmmm - I could be persuaded to do this with you next year... If I have a whole year to train! :)

Brooke said...

you are insane. but delightfully so. :) might not want to decide on it until after the event, but sounds like a great plan!!