Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Restless... And prepping

Before training for triathlons I would have never called myself a busy body. Seriously, I'm the girl who can sit on the couch and read for HOURS on end, only taking breaks to potty and eat.

But I'm having a hard time relaxing. A really hard time relaxing. It feels like if I'm not training, I should be training, or I should be preparing something, or doing something to be ready for my next training adventure. Or I feel like I should be taking care of the things that I don't do because I'm training, dishes, laundry, cleaning house, etc, etc. And to be honest its stressing me out.

Maybe lists will help?

I've been thinking about starting some lists so that when it comes time to pack up the car and head north for Vineman I will know I have everything.

So question I have for you, what do you bring to races that might be easily forgotten? Or what have you forgotten that you wish you wouldn't have? Help me out!


amy said...

don't forget your race belt! and food if you are particular about that stuff.

Ashley said...

Race belt! Good call, its tucked away somewhere. Thanks!

Brooke said...

i didn't forget anything for disney, but for a 10 miler i left my water bottle in the car and regretted it the moment i heard the race volunteers say they ran out of cups "just pick them up off the ground and reuse them"