Sunday, June 19, 2011

Training Update - 4 weeks to go...

Well, I'm down to the final 2 weeks of training before taper... Man how time flies.

I was talking to Troy about race weekend a couple days ago and realized I was not only speed talking, but my voice was also a weird, un-soothing, quite possibly dislikable tone that further clued me into just how nervous/excited I'm getting.

I feel like triathlons have been a long time coming for me. I've been a runner since I was a teenager, I swam in high school, and then the missing piece fell into place when I got my road bike almost exactly 4 years ago. I had all 3 skills, and wanted to put them together, but haven't until now. And now... well... even though I'm worn down by the training I'm REALLY enjoying the experience. I have never, ever, been in the kind of shape I am in today. And when I look in the mirror I may not LOVE everything that I see, I could pick out things that I want to change, etc... but how can I not appreciate my body? Last week I covered 115 miles in 11 hours with this body. And it has done very little complaining about all the stress I'm putting on it. Its just really amazing. And I'm finally feeling like asking it to continue to push for the next two weeks will not break me. My body can handle it.

So this upcoming week is still kind of a "?" about my exact plans. If I hear back from the guy I met at the pool last week I might be joining him and a couple other people for a hilly 11 mile run tomorrow, which will be my long run for the week. Other than that I want to fit in my 3x3x3 for each sport and keep moving forward. I am aiming for a 60-64 mile ride this weekend. We are going to Paso Robles for the weekend again, so I need to find a route over there to get in the mileage.

Here's my thinking:
Monday: Long Run/Swim Endurance (Speed) 2
Tuesday: Ride 1-1.5 hours
Wednesday:Swim Muscular Endurance 4/Ride 1.5-2 hours
Thursday: Recovery Run
Friday: Run Long Intervals/Swim Endurance 7
Saturday: Ride Long (60-65 miles)
Sunday: OFF!

And if something changes and I need to move workouts around, I'm prepared to be flexible in that way. :) So cheers to another week of training! Let the journey continue. :)