Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Month post-Vineman...

In all honesty I have several things swirling around in my head that I could write about, but this topic comes first to mind, and will probably be the easiest to write about.

I am now one month post-vineman, and its been quite the.... lazy recovery month.  In the past month I have done 10 workouts, 4 of which have been since Monday.  I have been reluctantly (for fear of losing all the fitness I've gained) in recovery mode, and for good reason.  Looking back I can honestly say, I did too much, pushed too hard, and ignored my body and brain's need for rest in the weeks leading up to Vineman.

I wanted to make myself better than I had the time to train for, and in the end I think it had an immeasurable effect on my performance on July 17th.

Most people talk about feeling incredibly fresh and full of energy during their taper, I instead was battling chest congestion and continued to be moody, tired, and lacked motivation to be anything but.

Does this mean in the coming year I can't train as hard and push as much...? Not really.

But deciding 6 weeks out from a 70.3 isn't the time to decide to "get serious."

And I've been paying for that decision for the past 6 weeks.

So now I'm cautiously returning to regularly scheduled workouts, and trying to make myself remember that rest is as important as the workout.

So what's next for me?  I've found a half-marathon in Paso Robles, CA the Wine Vine Run.  Currently I have no goals for this race other than to run it strong.  I'm sure as I get back into training I'll begin to for a reasonable time goal for it, but for now I just want to feel good about working out again.

Then I've found an Olympic distance tri in early March 2012 that will be a great motivator to get me on the bike even when the weather isn't my definition of perfect for riding.  I am a self-proclamed fair-weather cyclist, but that attitude does nothing to improve my cycling strength or stamina.

But really, I want to love these sports again.  That is #1.


Brooke said...

do you get to drink it at the end?

you'll be a few weeks behind me in half training but no doubt doing far more than me :P

Bari said...

Those sound like excellent goals! Knowing I have a 1/2 3 months after my full will motivate me (I hope) to get back into training & keep running through the winter.