Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting it on paper...

I suppose this could be a a True Confessions Tuesday post, in that I'm planning out the rest of my year (goals and workout focus-wise) so that others know my plan and can hold me accountable.  :)

I have officially, mentally committed to running the Wine Vine Run half-marathon on Nov 13th.  This will be my fourth race of the year.  :)  I am hoping to PR this race, and given that my first and only other half-mary was at elevation and I feel like I am in much better running shape now than I was then, I'm thinking this is a good possibility.  Dare I say I'm hoping to break that 2:00 barrier?  I don't know, but its a secondary goal to PR-ing it.

After the Wine Vine Run I will be switching gears and begin to focus more on my cycling and let running take a back seat.  I say this with kind of a heavy heart because I so do love running, and love running in the cold and rain, and sometimes snow even more, but I need to work on being a stronger cyclist.  I can still run 1-3 days a week and enjoy all the things I love about running in the winter.  Here is the real problem with switching gears to cycling mid-November.. I am the biggest fair-weather cyclist there ever was.  I love to complain about it being too cold/windy/wet/cloudy/etc on rides.  So I'm also hoping to overcome this whiny part of myself.  Learn to love like it, or maybe even just tolerate it.  And pick up and extra 1-2 mph along the way.  I have planned my first tri of 2012 for early March, so sometime around the beginning of the year I will also get back into the pool and re-build what I'm sure I've lost there.  That will probably be when I drop the weight training that I have begun doing, it will just be too difficult to fit it all in.

Here is where I'd really love an idea of two... I would really love to find a hoodie that says the following:

On the front - Winter Cycle Training
On the back - Whine less, pedal more.

Anyone have any ideas on where I could find something like this, or have something like this made at a reasonable cost?  Any ideas would be great.

So there are the next 3+ months in a general idea.  Just hold me to it, m'kay? :)


Bari said...

I think cafe press lets you design shirts, you could try there. Also My Race Ragz does custom shirt designs, but I don't know if they have jackets/hoodies.

I'll be rooting for you to break that 2:00 barrier!

Brooke said...

you are incredible. i hope you know that.

so i'm guessing winter cycling will include very little work on the trainer?

Ashley said...

Bari - I'll check out Cafepress, I just thought of this hoodie idea last night. And thanks!
Brooke - Thank you! I won't ride outside in crazy downpours, that's just dangerous, but I will ride if its still wet, or cold, so less trainer than last winter, and more overall riding. :)

quicklikeabunny said...

Was going to suggest Cafe Press but Bari beat me to it!

Good for you laying out such great goals - It will help you when you really don't feel like strapping on that helmet or grabbing those goggles!

Keeping my fingers crossed for your <2:00!!