Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding Home

In two weeks I'm moving...

In two weeks I'm moving away from a town I've come to love and call home, to a house I already call home.

At some point in the past 18 months I stopped having just one home, and began to have 2.  Every time I leave one I am torn between wanting to stay home, and being ready to go home.  And its left me wondering, how can that be?

I am going to miss Fall in Sacramento.  The colors, the crisp air.  Fall in the "City of Trees" showcases bright reds, oranges, and yellows, yet still maintains the greens in the few redwood and pines we have.  Sidewalks disappear beneath leaves, creating a soundtrack to my early morning runs of the air in my lungs and the crunch beneath my feet.

I am going to love creating a home in which I live.  For the past 18 months I have only existed in a space, I have not been living in a home.  Where I live in Sacramento right now was always going to be temporary, and for that reason I never put much thought or work into making it cozy, or somewhere I was proud of.  It is where, Sunday night - Thursday morning (and maybe a weekend here or there), I keep my clothes, shower, and sleep.  I am eternally grateful for having this place, and the people I share it with, but I am not sad to see my time in this location end.

I am going to miss running in Folsom.  Whether its a quick 5 miles through a beautiful, quiet neighborhood, or any distance you'd like down the bike trail, running doesn't get much better than whats available here in Folsom.  Along with running, I will miss the cycling here too.  Miles of back roads to explore that are lightly traveled, challenging, and often lead to beautiful vistas or a coffee shop stop.  I was introduced to, and fell in love with cycling here in Folsom, and for that I have been blessed.

I am going to love exploring a new area.  There are roads I have yet to travel and new ways of getting from A - B that I have to discover.  I love getting lost and then finding my way home.  Inevitably I find a park or neighborhood I want to run through, a local coffee shop I want to ride to, or a new restaurant I want to try (and those really are the 3 most important things, ha!).

I am going to miss the memories I recall only because I happen to be in the place they were created.  I have spend nearly all of the past 8 years in this area, and I have made MANY memories here.  Some good, some bad, but they are all a part of me.  Moving away doesn't make them any less a part of me, but sometimes its fun to take a momentary jaunt down memory lane and remember how far I have come.  Riding my road bike for the first time, introducing a friend to running, running through the end of a bad, abusive relationship, failing at training for a marathon, finishing my first triathlon, training for my first 1/2 marathon.... and countless more... they all happened here.

I am excited for the memories I've yet to make.  And how far I still have to go.  I am excited to get to better know the people I have already met, and meet more people along the way.

From one home to the other... Its gonna be a good move.  :)