Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting ducks in a row...

This blogging thing, I haven't quite decided how I feel about it....  I love the idea of keeping a journal of sorts where my closest anonymous internet friends can read my thoughts and feelings and leave feedback as they see fit.  Or maybe I don't.  In a day and age where time is short and precious its hard to know if I'm doing myself or anyone else any good by taking the time to write out my thoughts and feelings from time to time... so I suppose for now I will continue to do it when the mood or desire strikes and not worry or stress about it otherwise.

I've got big news....  I've hired a coach to get me to Vineman 70.3 as fit and ready as possible this year.  Daryl over at Advantage Multisport has become the chosen poor fellow who will have to answer what I foresee being a 1001 questions and ridiculous thoughts over the next 6-ish months.  :)  I am super excited. 

The decision to go with a coach is based primarily on my desire to always push hard and do as much as I can, and I need someone to help reign me in and remind me (like I've reminded many of my friends) that rest is also important to becoming a stronger athlete.  I'm great at giving advice but not always great at taking my own.  I think I will learn a lot over the next few months and I hope that Daryl and I enjoy working together (so far I've enjoyed getting to know him a little as we set up my initial weeks of training) and find a good balance between my need/desire to work hard and his insistence on recovery.  What I know for sure is that I've added another asset to my growing list of important people and support that gets me to the start-line and ultimately to the finish line.  Its going to be an awesome ride.

Also the road to Vineman I'm planning on losing a few pounds, like 10 or more.  Currently I'm weighing in around 143, and by April 11th I will be coming in at 133 or less.  This gives me about 12 weeks to lose 10 or more pounds, which I think is completely reasonable.  My plan?  Clean up the diet.  Now I'm not totally sure what cleaning up the diet means to everyone else, its a phrase I've seen more than once thrown out there with no real explanation of what it means to an individual.  To mean, cleaning up my diet means eating less grain-based processed foods and focusing on fruits and veggies as the base of every meal.  Focusing on whole foods that don't come from a box.  I'm also eating less meat these days, trying to get a majority of my protein from plant-based sources with a meal including meat from time to time, and rarely more often than once a day.  Big salads are quickly becoming a staple of my diet, which can only mean good things for my health.  I've been listening to The Garden Variety Triathlon podcast a lot recently and not only am I loving the plant-based pointers and tips, but they guy's training philosophy is very similar to mine, and I find myself more often than not nodding in agreement with much of what he says.  And I'm learning a lot.  Basically I'm just loving it and look forward to adding in more podcasts to my listening enjoyment.

So that's the latest and greatest in my triathlon training life.  I've got big plans to make this year a great year for training and racing, and I think I've started with the right mindset and tools to accomplish it.  :)

Until next time...