Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hours in the day...

How do you fit more hours into your day?

When I made the move down here after graduating from Sac State I was fully aware of how tough the economy is, honestly assuming it would take me MONTHS to find a job. And even then it wouldn’t be a full-time (or more) job that offered benefits and a retirement package. It would be something that I made a little bit of money doing while I waited to go back to school to become an ultrasound tech.

But I found a job. The pay isn’t stellar, but it has benefits (first time I’ve had them in YEARS) and pays my bills. And 401k matching (and who am I who cares about this stuff????).

I also work 45+ hours a week, and drive nearly 8 hours a week to and from work.

I also want to kick ass at Vineman this year (like really, really kick ass), so I’m training anywhere from 5-8+ hours a week too. And that’s not including the strength training that I really want to incorporate back in (need to, just need a plan that won’t totally beat me up).

My house is often a wreck, dirty, even disgusting. And, honestly, it’s causing tension between T and I.

And I feel like I’m failing at doing it all. Work. Train. Cook. Clean.

When I moved down, T and I decided (at my suggestion) that we get rid of the housekeeper that came every other week because I was going to be home (assuming this job wasn’t going to be so easy to find!) and would have time to do all of it. I also didn’t like the idea of a stranger in my house and while his dog is ridiculous and harmless looking (and sounding honestly)…..

This is his good side
Mine, who is gentle and scared of nearly everything, to some, looks scary and sounds downright terrifying.

Clearly she's a killer

So the housekeeper stopped coming… and a month later I got a job. And the house has been in a slow decline ever since.

I just don’t know how to find the time, energy, or desire to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, or dust the living room. And as luck would have it, I have never seen dust accumulate like it does here. Really? The living areascould be dusted once a week and you’d see the difference. It’s ridiculous.

So how do others manage it? Many of those I follow on twitter have jobs and kids and train, and I don’t understand how anything else gets done. I’ve given thought to trying to clean a little bit every day. See if that helps make a dent. I’m open to suggestions… In the meantime, I’ll keep try my best, even if it doesn’t feel like its enough.

P.S. I'm not sure, but this post may have been made infinitely better just having my dogs in it. IJS  LOL