Wednesday, June 6, 2012

For the love of running...

Hurrah for National Running Day!

But really, every day is a running day for me. Or I wish it were. I wish I could log limitless miles on my feet and enjoy the sounds of my breath in my lungs without pain or injury.

Sadly this isn’t how it always works out. I experience pain… ITBS, plantar fasciitis. And those random aches and pains one can get that have no name.

But I *LOVE* running. I really do.

I love my memories of running with my mom just after high school, she was chasing the sub-1:00 10k then.

I loved running cross country in high school to get ready for soccer season. Even then it wasn’t the punishment for my sport of choice. Cross country was tough, but fun, and the teammates and coaches I shared that time with were awesome.

I love taking my dog for a run in the fields near my house and letting her run off leash while I run. Her obvious joy reflects the joy I often feel running. She leaps, bounds, darts, and sprints after whatever she thinks she sees moving and loves every moment of it. She is always up for a run.

I’ve had one boyfriend who I really shared running with. I ran further and Matt ran faster. I’d lead a run out and he’d lead us back. After we had gone our separate ways, I found out he had passed away, and I went for a run, for us, for him, in his memory. I still feel like he pushes me to finish strong. Sometimes I feel like he is in the wind, and hear him pushing me to my limits. I hear him daring me to keep up with the wind.

I love those running moments.

Now running is just one of the 3 sports I regularly train for. But it’s still my first love.

When it comes down to it, National Running Day or not, find something active to do, more days that not, that you love. If you don’t love it, you won’t do it when the going gets tough.

For me, it’s running…

But it might not be the same for you. You just need to move.

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Brooke said...

sometimes i think i love running so much i should marry it. :P then again i'm sure there are plenty of times jay thinks that running is my mistress. or whatever the female version of that is.