Monday, July 30, 2012

Tales from Training: Avoiding (Real) Injury

Universally I think one of an athlete’s worst nightmares is injury. It means time away from activity or the sport you love. A possible *gasp* loss of fitness.
What if I never get back to where I was?
And it is this fear that has me in a funk. I’m crabby and annoyed.

At Vineman my right calf started hurting about half way through the bike portion. In the final miles of the bike I talked myself off the if-my-calf-hurts-on-the-bike-it’s-going-to-hurt-so-much-more-on-the-run-what-will-I-do???? ledge. Luckily it bothered me very little on the run and wasn’t a factor (at all) in my performance. I counted my blessings in so many ways that day.

Gotta take care of these beauties. ;)
Unfortunately my calf hasn’t been quite right since. I can’t say that it hurts – more that I’m aware of it, and it kind of feels like I have one spot that I’m really sore but for no real reason. Especially 2 weeks after my race.
My brain is ready to get back to training, especially to tackle marathon training, but my body still needs recovery. I “want” to ignore the complaints from my leg and push ahead, but I have big plans that could get seriously side-lined if I wind-up truly injured.

What a wonderful tool and it hurts so good.
So I’m doing what I need to do to stay injury-free. Foam roll, stretch, ice (not as much anymore), Ibuprofen. And rest. I’m not back gung-ho to workouts yet. Swimming gives me no problem so I’ve got a green-light on that, but cycling and running are done one workout at a time. Cycling seems to aggravate it the most, so I took the chance to get in a 5 mile run Sunday which felt good and today I’m having no increased awareness or pain. Good sign! This week will just go one day at a time but I’m hopeful that I’m headed to full recovery.

Happy athlete rocking her Vineman 70.3 2012 gear for the first time!

The goal is to get back to 100% and avoid any additional/serious injury. I’m doing my best to give my body the time it needs for just that. 

Smile.  Sweat.  Enjoy.


Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...


Maria (maslife) said...

Have you tried active release technique? You can see if you can find a provider at this site: It works wonders for me. It helped rid me of my chronic ITBS (along with strengthening exercises), and I get preventative treatments every 2 weeks, which has kept my body pretty happy this season.

When was the last time you had a professional bike fit? That's something to consider if it's been more than a year.

Give it time, be proactive and you'll be right in no time :)

Ashley said...

Maria - I was just talking to Vince about a bike fit, so its on my adgenda. I also need to get a massage and go see my chiro. Things are improving, I'm just impatient. ;)
Thea - I'm working on it! :)