Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tales from Training: I Freaking Love This Stuff

Last night I sat on the bike trainer, sweat was dripping down my nose, arms, back, and just about everywhere else it could find. Big gear work… slow cadence… builds strength in the legs, my favorite. I knew up next would be high cadence work, my least favorite, but I had already set a goal to keep my cadence on the “work” bouts above 95 rpm. That’s fast for me.

I was smiling.
Not always easy to smile and take a picture when sweat is running in your eyes. ;)

 I love the work. I love the training. Good workouts, bad workouts, they are all a part of the deal… and I LOVE IT ALL.

Night before last I did a run in the evening, we are experiencing a heat-wave of sorts, so it was still mid-90s by time I headed out when the sun was going down. 30 minutes in the heat. Some of it hurt, I went out harder than I needed to and paid for it by the end, but all of it was awesome.

The satisfaction of a workout done, good or bad so long as I gave what I needed to give is second to none. I don’t get paid to train. I don’t get paid to race. (wouldn’t be awesome if I did!?) I go out there and enjoy the miles and minutes and when I come back I am better for the time I spent away, thankful for the opportunity to train and race.

I really believe that you get what you give – not only from life in general but from ever little aspect of life too. Training is no different. Quality and consistency of workouts will get you where you want to be if you give it time.

Want to go faster, longer, stronger? Be smart in your training and give it time.

In the meantime…

Love those miles and minutes along the way…

PS... Did you see I got a new tri kit!!!  Love it!  #JunkMiles #JunkStrong