Friday, February 22, 2013

Too Much Good Stuff

After a rough end to 2012, 2013 has, so far, been the year of open doors and varying opportunities.  I'm not ever always very good at making decisions.  Especially when there is no "good" option and "bad" option... they are simply different.  Lucky for me I have friends who remind me that I shouldn't focus on "WHAT AM I GOING TO DOOOOOO?????" but to instead remind me to recognize all the oppotrunity I have before me and be thankful for it.

Honest friends send honest texts. :) Thank you Nick

Recently I've been slacking in a couple areas of my life that are important to me: Training is not as consistent as is should be, my eating is slightly derailed.  I have been dreaming about doing my first Ironman for YEARS, but now that I'm faced with the choice between an extra hour of sleep or that swim/bike/run... I always want to pick the sleep (or always want to stay up late and make up for it by sleeping in).  I want to do it aaaaalllllllll.  The social life and the ass kicking athlete life and the healthy/conscious eater life and the student life and the good employee life.

And I realize.. maybe that is what this space should be all about..  My struggle/failure/triumph at having/doing it all.  Enjoying time with the new guy in my life while still getting to bed early enough to make it to the 5am swim session.  Eating to fuel quality workouts without skipping all the social eating out that is happening.  Not being the old-lady-stick-in-the-mud for going to bed at 10 but still being rested enough to squeeze in double day workouts and a full workday when necessary.

So look for more here.  More life unfolding.  More choices being made and wherever this path may lead...

I've got TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF to not share. :)

Smile. Sweat.  Enjoy.


joe said...

good luck juggling it all!

Bari said...

Good stuff is good stuff - you will figure out how to balance it all :)

Brooke said...

i'm waiting!! :)